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The Horn - Mid May Bonus!

published7 months ago
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More of what you want

I was gathering so much stuff to cram into my forthcoming June newsletter that I had to create this mid-month stopgap. In fact, I'm thinking of going twice a month. How does that sound?

In this interim broadcast I thought I'd do a quick poll. After all, since you lovely people are the ones that keep me going, I really should find out what floats your boat. There's also an exclusive reward for your loyalty and news of an exciting new expansion to my erotica offering!

Scroll past the kissing cousins for all the deets!

Free novella excerpt just for you!

A little reward for your support...

Well, I finally got over 100 followers on Medium and that means I can start hiding little free morsels of content just for you!

First up, click the link for an exclusive excerpt from one of my kinkier novellas – 'A New Facial Routine' – in which horny college students conspire to make their vain and venal roommate believe that freshly deposited semen is the secret to soft skin and firm tits. Set before the Internet was a thing, it's not long before our 'hero' Miles starts getting frequent morning visits from a demanding blonde who is under the impression she's the one doing the manipulation as she cajoles him into climaxing over her. Although this excerpt, as you'll see, comes before she realises that a few days of teasing abstinence results in a far greater yield.

I hope you enjoy the teaser and that it'll tempt you into purchasing the full tale here. (It's actually a lot sweeter and romantic than you might expect!)

What turns you on?

I'm grateful to all of you for taking an interest in my stuff – yes, even the ones who subscribed for the freebie and then unsubscribe when the newsletter hits 😆 .

But for those that have stuck with me and are interested in my output, I figure it would be a good idea to get a sense of what floats your boats so that I can make sure my forthcoming output is hitting the right notes.

So, if you wouldn't mind, please reply to this email indicating the kind of smut you enjoy reading by putting the keyword in the subject header (vanilla, dirty, dark or variety) that you feel best sums up your tastes. It will really help me get a sense of what my readership wants!

Reply with vanilla for boobs, blow jobs and tentative first-time sex

Reply with dirty for cum, rough sex, humiliation and manipulation

Reply with dark for taboo, pseudo-incest, and coercion

Reply with variety if you like reading a range of different scenarios

My first audiobook is coming...

Get ready for a slice of 'hands-free' erotica

Yes, I'm jumping on the Audible bandwagon. But with good reason: I think an erotic story read aloud by a talented narrator is so immersive and sensual. And, of course, it leaves both hands free for you to really 'enjoy' the tale.

You'll all be familiar with my first foray into aural sex because it's the audiobook version of 'Not a Sexual Service' - the free novella you could download when you signed up to this newsletter.

But listening to it adds a whole new level of eroticism – especially thanks to the amazing artist I've found to read it – so I hope you'll support me by making a purchase when it's finally released. If it proves popular then it'll give me the impetus (and, let's not be coy, the budget) to get more of my stories produced in this way.

Here's a quick preview:

My novels/novellas/shorts

Starting from $2.99/£2.49 (many free with Kindle Unlimited) check out my growing library of erotica. It represents a variety of fantasies, scenarios and heat levels. Something for everyone!

See you in a couple of weeks!

At the start of June I'm ready to reveal some more filthy stories that are in the works. There might even be a new release if I get hard at work. (To be honest, I often get hard at work - it's an occupational hazard!).

Until then... stay kinky x