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The Horn: Super Steamy Savings in your mid-month bonus

published24 days ago
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Uncanny Bargains!!

Hello everyone!

The more observant among you will have noted that my books vary in cost depending on word-count. The more generous the story the higher the price to reflect the amount of content and (let's not be coy) the amount of time I invested in it!

Well this month, to hell with all that! Two of my most generous offerings are available at massively reduced prices for a limited time! So if you want to see what happens when I go novel and novella-length to tell a more convoluted story with even more explicitly-described sexual encounters, why not give at least one of them a go? More details below...

As promised, I also have a new freebie on my Medium page with an exclusive 'friends link' so you can access it even if you're not a paying member.

Scroll past the bed-bound brunette with the big boobs to get your fill...

Uncanny Ecstasy is on offer!!

For a limited time only...

This novel-length fantasy tale draws upon a very famous group of comic book characters but gives them a British makeover and adopts a tongue-in-cheek tone that'll raise a smile as often as the temperature!

Kit uses his ability to pass through walls to guiltily spy on naked women. When a new aspect of his powers is revealed, it puts him on the radar of a group of similarly empowered folk who use their abilities to fulfil the sometimes impossible sexual fantasies of their rich clientele.

But a rival outfit is offering similar kicks in a far more nefarious way. Can our hero atone for past indiscretions and inspire his new teammates to stand up against this insidious threat?

If he does, they're going to have to get even kinkier... Read a short sample to whet your appetite below:

"The purpose of this evening is two-fold. Firstly, we want to find out as much about your abilities as we can – how we might be able to utilise them moving forward – and secondly, we want to give Marie here a chance to borrow your skills and get used to using them.”
“When you say ‘borrow’?”
“I can only copy abilities for a couple hours,” Marie chipped in. “Sometimes more, depending on… circumstances. But if you’re going to sit the next job out then I need to start practicing.”
“As I said, there’s no requirement for you to take part in any of our client-based events while you’re still deciding whether to join us,” Xander continued. “But there’s a very profitable scenario we’d like to fulfil that requires your abilities… so, with your permission, Marie will temporarily absorb them and put them to, hopefully, lucrative use. How does all that sound?”
“Er, intriguing,” said Kit, ever the master of understatement.
“Wonderful,” said Xander. “Right, shall we get started?”
For the next 30 seconds, Kit felt simultaneously thrilled and mortified. Xander positioned his wheelchair to face the bed while he, Cally and James all lined up expectantly as Marie peeled off her hoody to reveal her naked torso underneath, her perky breasts with cherry-red nipples catching Kit completely off-guard. As she pulled down her pants – again, revealing a lack of underwear – she addressed Kit’s agog expression.
“Come on, don’t be shy. We’re all friends here.”
Kit scrutinized the expressions of the others: Xander was all friendly encouragement, Cally was inscrutable, and James was clearly just amused.
“Are… are you all going to stay here and watch?”
That elicited a chuckle from James.
“I told you,” he said.
“There’s no need for embarrassment, Kit,” the Professor said, softly. “If you’re going to spend time with us, then you’ll need to shed any inhibitions that society may have drummed into you. Besides, we need to see what you can do.”
“Look, it’s a bit much for his first time,” said James, getting up off his seat. “You don’t need me yet. Why don’t I hang out downstairs until Marie’s ready? A smaller audience might settle him better.”
Kit did indeed feel a bit of relief that the alpha male was taking his leave, and whether Xander read his mind or could tell by Kit’s open-book expression, he nodded his approval.
“But if it’s alright, Kit, myself and Cally need to stay. It’s important I know exactly how participants feel in response to our little… experiments. And Cally takes excellent notes.”
“He gets easily distracted when he’s sharing the experience,” Cally deadpanned. Her formal tone, combined with her almost secretarial attire proving a notable contrast to Marie’s carefree attitude and nudity.
Once James had left, Kit felt a little better about shedding his clothes, especially because Marie was stood next to him fully naked with a sweet encouraging smile on her face. She was petite and quite curvy, her rounded hips and ass giving her a pear-shaped allure. Her skin was pale, which just made the contrast of her fiery red hair and her rosy nipples even more striking. A topiary of auburn pubic hair pointed the way to her dainty pussy, but Kit’s attention was predictably focussed on her small, almost spherical B-cup breasts. They looked to be perfect handfuls of delight, and the rubberising effect their exposure was having on his cock made him feel a little better about revealing himself as he prepared to pull down his briefs.
“I hope your expectations aren’t too high,” he said, self-deprecatingly, as he exposed his semi-turgid penis to the assembled panel.
“Kit,” Xander said, with almost a tone of exasperation, “A young man who can do the things you can do really shouldn’t be having confidence issues regarding the size of his penis.”
“And besides,” Marie interjected, nodding towards his readily stiffening manhood. “You’ve got nothing to worry about in that department.”
Whether it was purely to reassure him – or she was speaking the truth – it made him feel better. And finally, the nerves began to ease. Standing fully naked in front of everyone was actually kind of liberating. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together, as if starting a meeting.”
“Right,” he said. “What do you want me to do first?”

Buy the whole novel-length story for only 2.99 (for one week only!) to see how Kit and his amazing friends use their abilities in the most arousing and sexually explicit ways!

'A New Facial Routine' is also on offer!

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Two bargains in one month?! Either I'm feeling incredibly generous or I accidentally scheduled a promotion that I subsequently forgot about. You decide! 😂 Either way, you'd be nuts to pass up the opportunity to read this cum-tastic tale of petty revenge, sexual awakenings and - believe it or not – cute romance. Yes, the main plot revolves around a gorgeous but dense college girl being fooled into thinking that a fresh load is the best thing for firm and tight skin – but I promise you there's a bit more to it than that!

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A non-Twitter place to find me

So you may have read in the news and seen on your feeds that a rich egomaniac has bought Twitter 😂

I have no idea if he's going to ruin what is already a challenging place to hang out in – and some of the new policies are already bothering me – so it's looking increasingly likely that I'll jump ship at some point.

I've chosen Mastodon as my refuge cos it's pretty much like Twitter but with a less centralised approach. You just choose a server (based on capacity, shared interests, and moderation approaches) but then you can follow anyone else regardless of what server they chose.

If you want to find me there I'm on one of the 'universal' servers (there's nothing erotica-specific yet)

See you there, I hope!

My stories

Starting from $2.99/£2.49 (many free with Kindle Unlimited) check out my growing library of erotica. It represents a variety of fantasies, scenarios and heat levels. Something for everyone!

See you soon!

For December I hope to have another chapter in the ongoing 'Donor Clinic Diaries' for you to enjoy. Can't wait to share it with you all!

Until then... stay kinky x