A nip in the air...

Hello you!

Expecting some kind of joke about nipples?! How dare you! I was merely referring to the drop in temperature now that Autumn (or 'Fall' if you hail from that side of the Atlantic) is upon us.

Oh who am I kidding...?

There! Happy now?

As always there's a selection of recommendations and free smut to sate you once I've given you the hard sell. So scroll down and fill your boots!

Becky's adventures continue!!

'Helping Out at the Donor Clinic 3' is here!

The name may have changed (Amazon really don't like the word 'sperm' on their covers!) but the filthiness of the content just keeps on building!

In the third chapter of the Donor Clinic Diaries, Becky recalls how her saucy endeavours were uncovered by one of her bosses and the kinky things she had to do to keep her job – and her newfound hobby!

Turns out her much older boss likes a subservient sex partner who calls him "daddy" a lot. And he's not above inviting a friend to take part too!

I really hope you're enjoying Becky's escalating adventures. In the fourth chapter – likely out in December – she's going to get a little girl-on-girl action... 😉

My novels and novellas

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Something to suit all tastes (and fantasies!)

Too Hot for Amazon!!

Semi-incestuous tales over at Smashwords

Raised as brothers and sisters... Acting like horny teens...

But don't just take my word for it...

I had another lovely review on Amazon last month and I thought sharing what other readers had to say about my works might persuade some of you to part with the price of a cup of coffee and try some out!

I've never swapped positive reviews or signed in pretending to be a reader, so this is all genuine feedback from satisfied customers.

And when it comes to erotica, I hope 'satisfied' is doubly true!

My latest audiobook!

'A New Facial Routine' now narrated!

If you enjoy the sensation of having smut read to you – leaving both hands free to do whatever you want to do with them – then rejoice because another of my most popular tales has been given the Audible treatment! A quick sample for you below, narrated with dirty deadpan wit by the wonderful Chy Moon. Check out a sample below:

If you're not yet an Audible member then you would be doing me a huge favour by signing up via the referral links below. It's free for 30 days and you can cancel really easily, so give it a try!

US sign-ups here.

UK sign-ups here.

Your regular Medium freebie

Exclusive friend link just for subscribers!

This month it a fruity tale of a college girl who takes an invitation to play strip poker with the same level of seriousness that she would normally reserve for her studies. Anything worth doing is worth doing properly, right? Even the prospect of exposing yourself to your peers...

But it doesn't stop at stripping. Oh no...

Featured recommendation

'Borrowing the Bride' by Lacey Cross

I try not to show favouritism but Lacey has been a star to me lately and the continuing popularity of her books shows that she knows what she's doing on the page too! Check out her latest free use tale...

Check out these steamy tales too...

Two classic scenarios in which to indulge: hot 'n' horny wench and guy with a big wrench!

And a Sci-Fi bundle...

A collection of sci-fi smut for the those who like a little fantasy with their... er... fantasy. (You know what I mean...)

Show me the freebies!

Look, you know I still love you, right? I don't think any less of you just because you skip straight to the free section and ignore everything I've written previous to this! Not everyone can afford to pay for their smut!

But if you enjoy the free stuff then please consider giving erotica authors like me a sale every once in a while. For just a few dollars, you'll be encouraging us to continue turning you on you with our words!

And another generous collection of free erotica. I spoil you!

That's all folks!

I'll write in a couple of weeks when I might have a new promo up my sleeve and some details of my latest WIP!

Until then... stay kinky x

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