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Another naughty new release from The Horn!!

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It's Frisky February

Hello everyone!

Spring is around the corner – new life, renewal an' all that – so it's apt that my current series 'The Donor Clinic Diaries' is coming to an end to be replaced with a BRAND NEW SERIES that I'm writing as we speak (or as I type... you know what I mean...).

I'm also thrilled to have got a Golden Pigtail nomination – and if you lovely readers help me get through the semi-finals, I'll repay you by slashing the price of the title in question!

Scroll down past the photo of the beautiful babe with the big boobs in the bubble bath for the details together with all the usual recommendations and free stuff...

The Donor Clinic Diaries conclude!

Becky gratefully receives her big finish...

What's Becky up to this time?

Well these kinky adventures in a sperm clinic were never going to conclude without a spot of bukkake, were they? But don't worry if babes getting glazed isn't your thing cos Becky also experiences some rough play and her first rear entry. So this finale really does have a little something for everybody!

You don't need to have read the other entries of this series but Becky has certainly 'gone on a journey' as they say – so why not start from the beginning with the very first one?

What's my next series about?

That's up to you to work out. Your time starts now...

Granted, fans of British comedy TV shows will have a bit of an advantage here. Got it yet? But how could I possibly turn that into a filthy, sordid series of erotic adventures? Well, I'm sure you can use your imagination - I've certainly been using mine! Chapter one (or should that be Task #1?) out soon...

I've got a Golden Pigtail nomination

Final Copulation gets a 'Best Parody' nod

This was a nice surprise as I didn't enter any of my works from last year. But I'm glad this title got some love because I think the way it takes the beats of the Final Destination horror series and swaps 'kills' for 'fucks' was pretty cool – so I'm glad it's getting some love.

Lend me your vote and get me past the semi-finals... If I make it to the finals, I'll apply a promo to the title in time for the final round of voting!

My first collection is out there!

Four sizzling stories for only $4.99/£3.99

This really is good value for money as it collects four of my most popular tales in one book, providing over 75,000 words of varied, exciting filth! In this single collection, you get:

  • Can Buy Me Love
  • A New Facial Routine
  • Dear Sir...
  • Accidental Swingers

My other novels and novellas

From $2.99/£2.79 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Something to suit all tastes (and fantasies!)

Too Hot for Amazon!!

Semi-incestuous tales over at Smashwords

Raised as brothers and sisters... Acting like horny teens...

Featured recommendation

A festival of free use from a fantastic fabulist

And if that nifty bit of alliteration doesn't tempt you, hopefully this cover will! (Who doesn't like a curvaceous babe in a short red dress?!) Alec Lake does 'free use' better than anyone, and in his 'Free Use Flowers' collection he squeezes four of his best into one book together with an exclusive short story written especially for the compilation.

The book collects:

  • Taming Ivy
  • Seeding Violet
  • Deflowering Ivy
  • Training Rose
  • Exclusive 'One Year Later' short story

Check these other titles too!

Something for everyone - including an unseasonable Halloween special!

Show me the freebies!

Sorry that Christmas is over? Then don't fret because signing up to Olivia Lawless's newsletter gives you a free festive hot wife tale! And if bondage is more your thing, Layla Lovelace has you covered (and tied).

There's also a generous compilation of free stuff in the 'Some Like it Hot' giveaway...

That's all folks!

News of another bargain to come later this month and I reveal the lucky winner of my survey competition (and a hint of what she's got me writing for her!).

Until then... stay kinky x

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