The best stories make you cum...

Well, maybe not the best stories... I mean, Great Expectations is a belter but I'd frankly be a little concerned if Pip's coming-of-age tale triggered an orgasm – regardless of how much Mrs Havisham floats your boat.

What I mean is: it's nice that certain stories can also make you cum. There's something about words and mental images stirring the loins that feels much more sensual than the easy trigger of a pornographic image or video. When you're reading (or indeed writing) a developing sexual encounter and you get so swept up in the sordidness of it all that you can't help touch yourself... well nothing beats it. (Except maybe the real thing 😄 )

And I'm thrilled to announce that this month I have a brand new tale to arouse and titillate. Coercion, blackmail, exhibitionism, voyeurism... this one's definitely on the seedy side. But if you surrender to its seemingly dark subject matter, you might discover a surprising denouement. Details below!

And for those that are here just for the freebies (I still love you) I've also put something new on my Medium page. I've kept it in the same vein, so if you want your filth to straddle a grey moral line, you're in luck!

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Right... let's get on with it, shall we?

New release!!

Sex O'Clock News

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What's it about? A British newsreader – beloved by the nation – has a filthy side. And that side is about to be broadcast to millions of viewers during a live transmission, when a blackmailing bomber demands she follow the headlines with some explicit displays.

What sexual scenarios does it cover? Exhibitionism, voyeurism, blackmail, coercion, performance, masturbation, toys, bukkake, and a good old-fashioned fuck over a (news) desk.

What's the inspiration? It's a twist on the decidedly darker episode of Black Mirror where the UK Prime Minster is forced to do something unspeakable on live TV in order to save the life of a kidnapped Royal. But I promise, this take is sexier 😂 .

Tell me more. I've experimented with the structure of this one. The story jumps back and forth in time from moments during the illicit broadcast itself to pivotal moments in the lead-up to the transmission. It's gradually revealed how such a scenario could possible have taken place – and that our sultry newsreader might not be the innocent victim she at first appears...

I've got to say... that title... Look stop right there! Because I think it's genius, and I won't hear a word said against it 😆 😄 😂

Can I read an extract? Oh go on then...

“Where are we with the negotiations?” Abigail barked, quickly snapping out of her contemplative mood. “What’s he giving us?”
The agent took a seat and composed herself before referring to her notes.
“It’s a ‘yes’ to allowing a viewer warning before the broadcast, and a ‘yes’ to the ticker-tape scroll explaining the situation to viewers – but he’s mandated it be below a certain font size. He’s said ‘no’ to a localised broadcast – insists it’s nationwide – but will allow us to take measures to limit home recording…”
“Is that even possible?” Abigail enquired.
“Some providers can disable the recording function and delete the show from their servers,” George said. “We have written agreements from half and the rest will fall in line when we share the exact details.”
“What about my statement at the top?”
“Yes, in principle,” the agent continued. “But no longer than 30 seconds and he wants to vet it – so I suggest you write something now.”
“And… the acts themselves?”
“Some movement. He’s agreed you don’t… er… Would you like to have this part of the conversation in private?” she said, nodding her head towards George.
“No,” sighed Abigail. “He’s going to be watching it live in the studio so no sense being prudish now.”
“OK, well. He says you don’t have to use any of the devices anally. With regard to the size of the… the…”
“Dildo,” Abigail said impatiently, growing increasingly frustrated with the agent’s reticence.
“Yes, the dildo. He says you have to at least try... To, er… use lots of lube. He says he’ll only accept leaving it out of the performance if it’s obvious you can’t… accommodate it.”

Free new Medium story

When hypnotherapy gets SUPER kinky...

Keeping with this month's theme of dubious consent, check out another experimental slice of smut on my Medium page. It's a transcript of a hypnotherapy session where the therapist has managed to get his client to respond to some sordid suggestions. But don't fret: we all know you can't do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't do when fully conscious. Something even the smitten client admits...

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What better way to start the recommendations this month than with another morally-dubious tale where the lines between temptation, control and consent are blurred? Jackson is a man who takes advantage of shy and vulnerable girls... so Gemma poses as one to get his attention and teach him a lesson. But things don't quite go according to plan. So: who is the hunter? And who is the hunted? Find out in this darkly delicious short story by the wonderful Kat Crimson.

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Hopefully that's provided plenty to entertain and sustain you all until next month – when another of my new erotica shorts should be ready to reveal!

Until then... stay kinky x

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