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Pushing boundaries...

Hello you! I hope this month finds you well and open-minded. I've got a scintillating new release that explores some domination, humiliation and free-use scenarios but all in the context of my usual approach to plot, character and semi-plausibility. So if BDSM isn't usually your thing – but you enjoy my output – then I'd encourage you to give it a try! More details below.

The audio version of A New Facial Routine is 'cumming' along nicely, and I hope to be able to preview something from that in the next newsletter with an eye to a full release next month.

And the third chapter of The Sperm Clinic Diaries is also on its way in case you're eager to find out where Becky's adventures will take her next.

Not only that but I've got a cheeky WIP brewing that I think you're all going to LOVE! It's a twist on a famous horror movie plot, but instead of 'gore' it gives you 'phwoar'! (God, did I really just type that?!)

As always there's a bunch of recommendations and freebies to supplement the flagrant self-promotion, so scroll down past the contemplative cutie with the curvaceous cleavage to get your fill!

Brand new release!!

Do What You Want To Me

I'm really thrilled with how this one's turned out! While some of my stories have had elements of public humiliation or submission, I've really leaned into those themes here. BUT (believe it or not) there's also a real romantic thread running through it and even a bit of feminist commentary along the way. But don't let that put you off if you just read for the sex because there are a lot of filthy scenarios in this one!

What's it about? A mature arts student and her bisexual partner-in-crime conceive an audacious final year project that's supposed to be a commentary on female objectification and male entitlement.

Semi-naked and blindfolded in public, the invitation to 'Do What You Want To Me' is taken up in multiple sordid ways. But as she's used and abused by a procession of horny strangers in the name of art, Veronica comes to a stunning realisation: she actually kind of enjoys it! And the only man who shows her some respect is the one she most wishes would take advantage of her...

What sexual scenarios does it cover? Public exposure, free use, breast play, cum decoration, oral, first-time lesbian, dirty old man, and good old-fashioned ploughing!

Is it romantic? Believe it or not, I think it is! I've even thrown in a HEA for those who like their hardcore sex to segue into a happy ending 🥰

Tell us something secret about it. I've smuggled another Alan Partridge line in there. Is that becoming a calling card?

Can I read an extract? Oh go on then...

There was a significant amount of footfall past her display but the majority of observers were silent and transient. A few couples who came across the scene were vocal in their analysis and at least one correctly identified it – a little harshly, perhaps – as ‘some student bollocks’. And then – finally – came a more interested party. She felt his eyes on him long before Sadie gave her a heads-up.
“You’ve got a right starer. He hasn’t signed anything yet but he’s getting closer.”
Through the gaps around her eye mask, she could see his feet. He was circling her; checking her out from all sides. He kept creeping closer and closer until Veronica could see him from the waist down – and the bulge in his trousers tipped her off regarding his current mindset.
“He keeps checking to see who’s looking. I think he’s keen… just embarrassed.”
Then an extended hand towards her belly. She issued a gentle but firm command before contact was made.
“You need to sign first.”
He backed off and out of Veronica’s peripheral gaze for a spell before Sadie confirmed the autograph had been given. He was back in her personal space within seconds, his eager hands ready to engage, only this time he went for a more intimate area, gently squeezing her arse. Positioned so close to her, she could clearly see the pitch in the crotch of his trousers.
“Can I really do what I want?” he tentatively asked, his voice sounding on the mature side – like a kindly grandad or uncle. Maybe ‘kindly’ wasn’t the best description – because while his voice was genial, his actions were far less decent. Especially when Veronica’s lack of response seemed to give him the permission he was seeking.
A tug on one of her bra cups and her breasts – well, one of them at least – were again on display. The man groaned a guttural moan and copped a feel with one hand – his other grabbing his crotch as he wanked himself through the fabric. And then, he leaned in to her chest and – just before his wrinkled, white bearded face made contact with her chest – she got a good look at just how mature this man was.
A dirty old man! Her breast was being sucked by a dirty old man!
And again, completely inexplicably, this boundary-crossing display of disrespect, this invited sexual assault, this degrading abuse of her body… was turning her on!

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This month I'm giving those who haven't had the pleasure an extended preview one of my most popular and highly rated novellas: Can Buy Me Love. Enjoy the extended breast play and if you enjoy the interplay please consider buying the full story. And for those disappointed that it isn't a self-contained original this month, you should definitely be looking forward to the mid-month bonus email!

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You've done it again, haven't you? Skipped straight to the free erotica at the end, you pervy little spendthrift! Hey it's fine; I can't stay mad at you for long...

If you're the type that judges a book by its cover, then I've got both the enigmatic and the blatantly obvious to start off...

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That's all folks!

See you in a couple of weeks when I might have a new promo up my sleeve and some details of my latest WIP!

Until then... stay kinky x

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