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Take it sleazy...

This month I'm taking my first dip into the world of ongoing serials!

The first chapter in the gloriously trashy 'Sperm Clinic Diaries' is now live and I can't wait for you to meet Becky and get a sense of where her dirty little kink is going to take her. Needless to say, her adventures are only going to get more explicit and extreme from here!

My first audiobook is out - so if you want to listen to a breathy female Brit describe several intimate oily massages to you, then please check it out!

And I've got some top recommendations from some stellar smut writers too, along with the usual selection of freebies!

Scroll past the beautiful babe with the big boobs in the bubble bath (try saying that after a few drinks) for the usual temptations...

Brand new release!!

Helping Out at the Sperm Clinic: Book 1

Get a load of this! Yes, I've embraced my inner trash novelist AND IT FEELS GOOD! But don't let the unsubtle title fool you – this does what it says on the tin but also has an engaging central character I think you're all going to fall in love with and my usual injection of humour.

What's it about? Really? I thought I had made it pretty obvious with the title.... Let's just say a bored receptionist (patients assume she's a nurse!) decides to offer an extra service to the men visiting the clinic where she works: a little extra incentive to help them provide a sample.

Is it part of a series? Damn straight! Hopefully this opening salvo will have you eager to see how she ups her game in Book 2 (which is cumming real soon...)

What sexual scenarios does it cover? For this first one it's all 'looky, no touchy'. Exhibitionism, phone sex and mutual masturbation. But don't let the lack of physical contact put you off - I think it's one of the horniest things I've written and there's lots of self-pleasure.

Can I read an extract? Oh go on then...

“That’s alright, you don’t have to say anything. Just listen to me. I’m starting to get wet too. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve put a hand up my skirt – my knickers are damp.”
For the avoidance of doubt, everything I was saying to him I was actually doing. I had been groping my own tits, forcing at least one of them out of its bra cup. And now I was rummaging between my legs to confirm my arousal.
And that’s exactly when the next patient appeared at the security door.
My desk was shielding me from the waist down so he was completely unaware what was going on when he tried to get my attention to be let in. And while he might have noticed my ruffled blouse, he wouldn’t be able to ascertain that one of my tits was hanging out underneath it. Again, I had just a few seconds to consider a course of action – and I decided to be brave. I briefly muted my phone and I buzzed the next patient in. He approached reception with a confident smile.
“Hi, I’m Mr Henderson? I was told to come down here and… you know… provide a sample.”
“Of course, Mr Henderson. Would you mind just taking a seat for a few moments? I’m just helping another patient.”
“Sure, no problem.”
I waited for him to park himself nearby – knowing full well he was still within earshot – before resuming my conversation with Mr Pierce who was encouraging me with further enquiries.
“Do you like the thought of me wanking in the room next to you?” he said. “Is that what’s turning you on?”
“Oh absolutely. Knowing you’re pulling on your big cock while you talk to me is making me so horny – I just want to touch myself too.”
I was staring at Mr Henderson while I said all of this, and sure enough his head whipped up – a look of shock on his face as he assimilated my dirty talk. I muted my phone again and gave him a matter-of-fact explanation.
“We don’t have any pornography today, so I’m just helping another patient provide a sample.”
I spoke as if it was a perfectly normal explanation for a perfectly normal situation, and he nodded with acknowledgement from across the room in open-mouthed shock. But, needless to say, he was no longer interested in the car magazine he had just picked up.

My first audiobook!

Not a Sexual Service

As revealed in my previous newsletter, my first burst of aural sex is now out! You'll probably be familiar with the story, but not delivered like this! Having all the sensual details spoken into your ear while your hands are free to... well, do what they want!

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Featured recommendation

Uncovered by L.M. Mountford

He calls himself 'Lord of Lust' for a reason y'know... Mr Mountford has been writing a variety of brilliantly diverse and scintillating erotica for years now. If his name is unfamiliar to you then rectify that immediately with this tale of step-siblings and (reluctant?) group sex!

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That's all folks!

See you in a couple of weeks when I'll have news of a promotion and hopefully some advance intel on the second part of the Sperm Clinic Diaries!

Until then... stay kinky x

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