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Season's Greetings from The Horn!!

published6 months ago
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A kiss under the mistletoe...

(assuming that mistletoe is affixed to his belt buckle, of course)

Too obvious? Forgive me... it was the first thing that came to mind and I'm in a rush to get my latest batch of goodies out to you, so it stays!

My December treats include the latest and (dare I say?) GREATEST chapter so far in The Sperm Clinic Diaries (as they will always be known to me - damn you Amazon and your 'anti-sperm' censorship!!)

I've also got a bumper batch of recommendations and your usual selection of freebies. So consider this a packed stocking! Plenty of smut to while away the hours in the lead up to that special day when you're reminded how little money you have and much your family irritates you. (Or is that just me?)

I'll wish you a proper Happy Christmas in the mid-month bonus... in the meantime, go fill your (winter) boots! Just scroll down past the picture of the two... er... 'friends'.

Nurse gets bi-curious!

​Latest book in the Donor Clinic Diaries is here!

What's Becky up to this time?

The cover offers a clue πŸ˜‚

After her MFM experience in the last book, it's time for Becky to feel the touch of another woman. And if that doesn't get a generous contribution from the lucky chap providing a sample, then little else will!

As always, you don't need to have read the other entries of this series but the escalation as Becky indulges her kink – and the increasing steam of the scenarios she finds herself in – really benefit from following her journey form the start, so I'd highly recommend starting with the first entry.

My novels and novellas

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Something to suit all tastes (and fantasies!)

Too Hot for Amazon!!

Semi-incestuous tales over at Smashwords

Raised as brothers and sisters... Acting like horny teens...


This month's recommendations

Something for everyone!

Lots to choose form this month covering a W-I-D-E variety of kinks. If something piques your interest then please consider supporting the author with a sale or some page reads πŸ₯°

And a bumper collection of paperbacks!

These would make great stocking-fillers for the more open-minded of your friends and family. Why not add to their pile of pressies with a filthy read or two?

Show me the freebies!

Sign up to the newsletters of the authors below and you'll get to read an example of their erotically-charged work for free! And because it's getting nearer to Christmas, these two are about... er... vampires and fantasy creatures?!

Look, not everything has to be Santa-related! Check 'em out!!

And here's a huge collection of free romantic smut. This one has a festive banner pic and I know at least one of the stories has a Christmas theme, so don't say I can't do themed newsletters! (You are well within your rights to say I'm not very good at them, though πŸ˜‚)

That's all folks!

More festive fancies will be served in the mid-month bonus but in the meantime I hope the lead up to this most wonderful time of the year treats you well.

Until then... stay kinky x

Hi! I'm Jack Hawkland

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